#WeAreEase : Learning to Feel Your Best and Do Your Best

Learning to Feel Your Best and Do Your Best #WeAreEase, healthy living, living well, nutrition



It starts with you. Her motivation to encourage change, make an impact, and start a movement expresses creativity, evokes intelligent thought, and shares the gift of community. Meghan Sauder of Nutrific celebrates happy, healthy eating by educating individuals how to feel your best and do your best. She fills her growing nutrition business with useful health information that so easily applies to your everyday life all while creating happy t-shirts, donating proceeds to good causes. 


As my sister, I couldn’t be happier to watch her grow her own business doing what she loves all while making an impact. Our similar goals to encourage a community makes it exciting to grow together and I couldn’t be more excited to share her vision with you.


Learning to Feel Your Best and Do Your Best #WeAreEase, healthy living, living well, nutrition


1. What does healthy living mean to you? 


To me, healthy living means to feel your best and do your best. I also believe it’s important to fuel your body with the proper nutrients and with whole foods so that your body can reach its maximum performance in the day. Also, I believe having a healthy mind is a huge part of being healthy. 


2. Did you always have intentions on creating a brand that gives back and makes an impact?


No, I truly didn’t understand the importance of my own health until my freshman year of college. With that being said, I was always active throughout high school and my parents typically cooked whole and fresh foods. However, when I was on my own I learned that I had to make my own decisions on how to treat my body. This influenced me to educate others and with my co-owner, Marquese Dillon’s, drive to give back to those in need it all seemed to intertwine perfectly.


Learning to Feel Your Best and Do Your Best #WeAreEase, healthy living, living well, nutrition


3. How did you decide to donate to Water Is Life?


Marquese found this charity online. As we both looked into it we found it was a great option for us to donate to. They are a smaller charity compared to others, but they take quick steps to make an impact on a community in need. For example, they directly provide water straws for communities which filters the water. To us, this was awesome because they were making a difference right away versus taking months to build water supply with no quick fix. This charity offers both, a quick and long term solution.


4. As your business grows, what do you look forward to the most?


I look forward to reaching out to more people and teaching those who strive to learn more about health. I also hope that Marquese and I can give back to more than one charity and maybe eventually start our own so that we can be first hand help to those in need.




5. Tell us about your favorite meal. What does it include and what time of day do you enjoy it?


I don’t really have a favorite meal. I like a lot of different food. In fact, my favorite meal is probably trying a new food. As long as my meal has some type of vegetable or fruit I’m happy. 


6. How do you feel Nutrific connects you to others?


I feel that Nutrific has not only connected Marquese and I through our collective motivation to help others, but has also connected us to those who want to learn to live healthy or to take care of their body by opening up conversations and sharing nutrition advice that is attainable.


Learning to Feel Your Best and Do Your Best #WeAreEase, healthy living, living well, nutrition


As we take time to practice timeless tips this Summer, Meghan’s goals remind us to stay true to doing what is best for our bodies and our minds.


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