Using Notepads to Maintain Desk Organization

Using Notepads to Maintain Desk Organization | Lauren Nicole Co. #deskgoals #deskorganization workroom, workspace, workspace inspo, organization, notepads, minimal design, simple design, layouts, notes



Our desks get cluttered. It’s inevitable that this is going to happen over time, throughout a task, or someone borrows something and does not put it back. Usually, desk clutter starts with an overwhelming amount of paper. One of our favorite desk ideas for your office is utilizing notepads. Instead of using multiple notebooks, scrap paper, or the back of a receipt, keep your desk organized with a simple notepad.


How to Keep Your Desk Organized Using Notepads


Notepads are great because they can be used in an infinite number of ways, depending on each person. Instead of stacks of paper claiming all the space on top of your desk, invest in a few notepads that compliment your desk to keep yourself on track and your desk organized. A pad of paper is much more efficient and clean than a bunch of loose leaf papers.


Using a Larger Notepad


Larger notepads are great for bigger notes and ideas. They are still compact, but can offer a range of uses. See below for our favorite ways to use our Desk Note notepad.


+ taking longer notes on a specific task

+ jotting notes from an article we just read

+ reminders from an email you just read

+ notes from a phone call

+ a place for someone to jot you a message

+ a reminder for a meeting


Using a Smaller Notepad


Smaller notepads are just as beneficial because they not only can sit on your desk, but they are the perfect travel companion. See below for our favorite ways to use our To Do notepad.


+ jotting our to do list

+ tasks that need completed after a meeting

+ step-by-step on how to preform a task

+ making note of things to grab at the store

+ pro/con lists

+ taking notes on new ideas

+ due dates


Help maintain your clutter with our favorite desk idea for your office. Notepads help keep your desk organized and provide you a specific place to take notes and write to-do lists. 




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