Reassessing Your Goals for Maximum Success

Reassess Your Goals for Maximum Success by Studio Ease #career #goals success, SMART goals, attainable goals, relevant goals, goal setting, setting goals



We talk about goal setting a lot. Goals keep us moving each week and give us something to work towards. Sometimes we dream big and don’t understand the steps necessary to get there. Or we might have misjudged the steps and feel lost, doubting ourselves and losing self confidence. Instead of focussing on what is not going right, adjust your mindset and take the appropriate steps to reassess your goals.


Reassess Your Goals for Maximum Success by Studio Ease #career #goals success, SMART goals, attainable goals, relevant goals, goal setting, setting goals


Reassess Your Goals


First, you want to look at your goals on a larger scale. What ultimately are you working towards? Ensure that your goals align with your vision of success, what you value in life, how you want to better yourself and grow your physical and mental health? Some types of goal setting might include wanting to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year, getting a promotion, or hitting your sales goal. You need to define what you are ultimately working towards by making sure it is clear and specific.


A great way to actively define a goal is by following the SMART goal acronym. This means making your goal specific, measure-able, attainable, relevant, and timely. 


+ Specific : First, focus on exactly what your goal is, what area of your life your goal pertains to, who is key to helping you achieve your goal, and why it is important to you. 


+ Measurable : Next, make your goal measurable by defining how you actually imagine the outcome and how will it make you feel. Defining how you will measure whether you have achieved your goal or not will help you when write a clear action plan. 


+ Attainable : Ensure that your goal is something that is within your means of attaining to avoid overwhelming and the feeling you want to quit. Don't set goals if you know you physically cannot do it. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, but make sure it is within your means so you reach success.


+ Relevant : Look back at your why and ensure your goal aligns with that vision. Don’t put effort towards something is it doesn’t ultimately bring you to your aspirations. Seek out the way you vision your life, and create goals that will get you there.


+ Timely : Lastly, the hardest step is making your goal timely and setting a clear action plan.


Setting Goals with A Clear Action Plan


If you own a planner, this is a great way to start creating a clear action plan to help with goal setting. Grab our open-dated planner and use the space to help you clearly define your goals. Once you have defined your goal by addressing the above areas, begin by breaking your goal up into smaller, attainable steps, milestones. What do you need to set in place before you can move onto the next area of your goal? 


Begin by defining what those milestones look like. For example, in order to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year, a certain amount of money needs saved each month. Defining how much money each month you are going to save is the first step to making your goal attainable. Go a bit deeper and define the smaller steps you need to accomplish to reach that larger step you just defined. Using the same example, you would next determine how much money you need to save each week to hit your monthly goal. Then decide how much money that would be daily.


We can use the above example and apply to it any type of goal. Once you have defined the steps to attain your goal, use a planner to write in hard deadlines. In the yearly view write out how you defined your large goal. What will you achieve this year? Then, use the monthly view to write down the items that need to be completed each month. On the weekly view page write in the hard deadlines you need to hit each week in order to obtain your monthly goal. Use your weekly goals to then dictate your daily tasks. Learn how you can make the most out of your planner.


Taking the time to actively think about goal setting and physically writing down your deadlines will help make you aware of what you should be accomplishing each week to reach your goals. As you schedule in other items, reflect on how you fill in your days. Are the tasks you’re scheduling actually helping you reach your goals? If not, do they need to be scheduled? This can be eye opening as we reflect on how we spend our time. If you are not scheduling in enough time to work towards your goals, step back and reassess what you are giving your time to. If you cannot give more time to your goals, reassess your action plan so that your timeline is attainable and meets the allotted time you have. Working through each of these steps will help you build the best action plan so that you find success and avoid the feeling of overwhelm, defeat, or confusion.


It’s so important to make goal setting a priority so we are actively working towards the life we envision. Set goals and achieve them by aligning them with your vision on success, defining them accurately, and creating a strong action plan to get you there. Use our free habit tracker to help you start making your action plan a habit. Join our community and be inspired to live out your timeless lifestyle. Take a moment to reassess your goals and ensure they are clear and specific.




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