Product Highlight : Spring 2018 Stationery Collection

SP18 Greeting Card Collection | Lauren Nicole Co.



On February 5th our Spring Stationery collection launched in our online greeting card shop and we are so excited to share with you the details of our greeting cards, desk notepads, and open dated planner!


Greeting Cards in Our Online Shop


This season we pulled inspiration from our concept Desert Dream. Thinking of words like fluidity, translucent, and natural filled our studio space as we worked to deliver to you a truly artful greeting card collection. Our greeting cards are soft, subtle in natural colors and speak in terms of minimalism and modernism. Whether you are sending for a specific occasion or just want to free write to a friend, you will find a new card in our collection.


SP18 Desert Dream Concept | Lauren Nicole Co.


Desk Notepads


We might be most excited about our new product offerings; notepads and planners. We have designed and hand crafted a large and small notepad for your desk, workspace, or office.

Our larger, block pad is made specifically for desk notes. Whether you are writing yourself reminders, jotting down a process, or just want a place for people to leave you personal notes, these handmade matchbooks are the answer.

Our smaller, block pad is specifically made for list making. Keep track of your daily to-do’s, make a pro/con list, or make note of what you need to pick up at the store. Each page is marked with a simple ivory color block and minimal type. De-clutter your desk this year and grab these pads to keep your workspace minimal and organized.


Notepads | Lauren Nicole Co.


Open Dated Planners


Not only are we opting in for notepads, but we are also bringing you a hand painted planner. Inspired by watercolors, this hand painted planner is where art meets functional. Each page inside is careful to consider the act of planning, while also leaving plenty of space for you to bullet journal, free write, or include information pertinent to you.

Our planner comes in a weekly-planning format. You can get a glance at the year, set monthly goals, schedule monthly tasks, and plan out your daily to-do-list. Keep receipts, inspiration, or notes in the back pocket. It’s designed as an open-dated planner so you can pick it up and start any time.


Open Dated Planner | Lauren Nicole Co.


Shop our new collection of greeting cards, notepads, and planner and let us know your thoughts in the comment below!




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