Process : Hand Painting our Open - Dated Planners



At Ease, we actively work to keep all processes in our studio. We believe there is something nostalgic that happens when the artist hand meets simple and minimal design. Each of our planners are hand painted, printed, and bound in our studio. While the process is time consuming, we wouldn't have it any other way.


The process begins with color matching. We have set color mixing formulas we follow that are created when we finalize our prototype sample. This helps us mix the same color paint each time to help provide some kind of constancy across each one.


Once colors are mixed and tested, we begin measuring out the design so we can place each shape as close to the original as possible. Our measurements are all based on the corners of each shape, determining how many inches from the top and the sides the intersection points lies. It can be pretty mathematical, but it helps us remember that the process is the highlight of our products.


Lastly, we begin painting in the design. The painting for one planner takes about 20 minutes to complete. The process video above shows this process at 4x the speed. This is our time to unwind, use our hands, and create something meaningful.


Once the cover design is complete, interior pages are printed, the cover and pages are punched, and the planner gets placed in the wire to finally be bound.


Interested in how you can use our open-dated planner? Gather some inspiration here. Don;t forget to grab a planner for yourself (+ a friend!).




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