Organize Yourself in 2018

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Even though we are in the midst of our holiday hustle, its okay to find some quiet moments to reflect on ourselves and what we want to improve in 2018. The first priority should be getting organized in life (physically and mentally) so we can have a clear mind to tackle our goals and aim for more productive days. Here are a few easy organization tips to follow to help organize your daily and work life.


Organize Yourself in 2018 | organization, desk organization, plan. change. new year goals, workspace


How to Organize Yourself


1. Create a strong daily routine.


Organization fist begins with solidifying a valuable daily routine. We need to encourage ourselves mentally and understand that we are worthy to get to practice what we do. Begin participating in daily affirmations. These can be as simple as telling yourself you are valuable, worthy, or even that you will nail it today. You’d be amazed how the simple act of changing your mindset will change your daily work habits. You will feel more motivated to get organized and be productive just from telling yourself you will have a successful day.


2. Use a planning tool.


Many of us scuff at the idea of planning, we want to be free spirited and adventurous. But I promise you, you can be both. It’s important to have some sort of grasp on your day to day so you can plan, schedule, and leave work feeling like your had a productive day. It also allows you to leave your job at your job, have less work stress, and find more freedom in your daily life.


There are a few tools we can use when it comes to planning. First you can purchase a simple planner. You don’t need anything fussy, unless you want to really get into planning. You just need something where you can jot down to-do lists and your meetings. This will help you start to batch plan and ensure you are organizing your days to get the most out of them. You can also turn to virtual calendars, like Google Calendar. Their browser app is a dream to use, and it is free. You can create multiple calendars, color code items, and even add others to view. This is great if you work virtual or want something connected to your google accounts to access on multiple devices.


3. Keep your workspace clean.


Once you have organized your mind by creating a daily routine and scheduling the important tasks so you don’t have to frantically remember them, you need a clean workspace. Remove everything from your desk that you do not use every single day. The items on the top of your desk are there for quick access. We don’t need to spend time shuffling through last months paperwork just to find something relevant to today.


Invest in the right organizational items to help you store the excess items. Whether that is a filing cabinet for extra paper, wire baskets for art supplies, or shelving to keep everything up and off our desk space. Once your desk is cleared you should only have left the items you are using everyday whether that is pens, pencils, notepads, daily/current paperwork, headphones, chargers, etc. Find the proper storage containers (preferably ones your love and bring your joy) for those items you have remaining. Once you use something, get in the habit of placing it away so it is not cluttering your workspace. Remember the effort it took to clear your workspace and constantly remind yourself to put things back. It takes multiple days in a row to form a habit, so stick to it and soon it will become second nature.


4. Clean your virtual space.


Once our mind is cleared, our physical space is cleared, we need to clear our virtual space. This is so important since our virtual space is truly where we spend a majority of out time.


Tackle your desktop first. Delete all the excess items that you never use. They might have been screen shots or old confirmation numbers. If you never open it, you do not need it. With the remaining files, decide what category fall into and move them into the proper folder. If you are not sure yet, create a folder on your drive and call it desktop. Drop the files in there for now and remember to go back and organize them.


Follow the same steps above but tackle your email and file folders. Get everything in tack and in order so that you can complete your work in a clean space. Remember moving forward, each new item you create/receive needs to belong in a place. You don't want to waste more time in the future to reorganize something you already organized.


Take the new year to organize yourself in a few different areas so you can begin to truly focus on your new goals. It only takes a few steps, just remember to maintain your habits so you don't have to repeat your hard work. Will you organize yourself in 2018?



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