Product Highlight : Fall 2017 Stationery Collection

Product Highlight : Fall 2017 Stationery Collection by Lauren Nicole Co. | #stationery #greetingcards modern design, simple design, love notes, thank you notes.



I've always dreamed of creating a lifestyle brand. One where I could endlessly create modern and simple designs that would breathe a breath of fresh air into the stationery industry. Our Fall 2017 greeting card collection does not do that - yet - but it shares a special gift with you.


New Greeting Cards for our Online Greeting Card Shop


Fall 2017 stationery launched on our new online greeting card shop on August 8. Collectively, we wish this collection offers you inspiration, thoughtfully, and joy.


Modern palm leaf print greeting card


With each card designed, we considered each and every line, varying from the line weight, line texture, to line color. We created each mark with pure intention, sat and thought about each color chosen and the space it would consume. We want our simple designs to captivate you. To make you stop and consider the true meaning of sending a greeting card. To inspire you to write and send a note to your closest family or dearest friend. Thoughtfulness will surround you and those around you. 


Black and white simple greeting cards


We encourage you to begin cultivating strong relationships and find value in those around you. You will begin to see joy in those slow moments. The ones where you can feel yourself breathe. You can be someone who enjoys the simple life and cherishes the fleeting moments.




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