Making the Most Out Of Your Planner

Making The Most Out of Your Planner by Studio Ease #planner #goals, open dated planner, any year planner, yearless planner, agenda, diary, schedule, planning, get organized, goal setting



When we sat down to design our open-dated planner it occurred to us that everyone uses an agenda for many different reasons. While one entrepreneur might use it to schedule out their days, a busy adult is using it to write in their doctor’s appointments, and a college student is planning their homework assignments. Considering the wide variety of uses, we created an open-dated planner that would offer the most creative freedom. Whether that means bullet journaling, free writing, or illustrating, we designed plenty of open, intentional space so you can cater it to your needs. So how can you make the most out of your open-dated planner? Read below for some ideas, tips, and tricks.


Making The Most Out of Your Planner by Studio Ease #planner #goals, open dated planner, any year planner, yearless planner, agenda, diary, schedule, planning, get organized, goal setting


Making the Most Out Of Your Planner


Year Planner Page


First, as you open up your new planner you will be welcomed with a small quote that reminds you this is your year because the truth is, this is your year. On the next page you will get a glimpse at the complete year. 


On this page, we like to fill in the months we will be using the planner. For example, if you begin using our open-dated planner in March, begin by filling out the third (03) month. Continue accordingly until you get to December. Return back to the first (01) month and fill it in as January will fall in 2019. Since this is a 12 month open-dated planner, you will have the opportunity to use the agenda for a complete year on any beginning date.


Another option is to use this page to lay out your goals for the year. Use the left page of the open-dated planner to brainstorm and make your list of goals. Use the right side of the agenda to break your goals down into what needs accomplished each month. This is a great way to start envisioning your goals and make them manageable.


Monthly Planner Pages


On the next page you will see a layout for a standard month calendar. Fill it in according to the month you will start using your planner. You can use the line to write in the name of the month, the number of the month, or simply leave it blank.


As mentioned for the year view, you can use the open space on the left side of the open-dated planner to actively write in your goals, bullet journal, or fill up the entire page with your favorite mantra or quote for the month. The options are endless so use your creative freedom. Or let yourself pause and breath in the white space.


Open Dated Planner by Studio Ease


Once the month ends, we like to flip back to this page and take a moment to reflect. We write down everything we accomplished that we can celebrate and a few focus points on how we want move into the next month.


Weekly Planner Pages


The following page is a glimpse at each week in the month. It offers you the opportunity to write in small items on each date. This is a great place to thoroughly plan through your goals and note smaller target goals on specific days. Alternatively, use this space to fill in doctor’s appointments, due dates, meetings, etc. Use the line at the top left of the page to write in the month or note the number of the month. 


We love using this page to plan out large due dates and track our goals. Since we list our monthly goals on the previous page, we use this page to break down those goals into what needs to be accomplished each week to meet those goals. We determine what our focus needs to be each week and jot it down in the boxes under the word month that notate which week of the month it is.


Open Dated Planner by Studio Ease



Daily Planner Pages


The next five pages that follow the weekly planner pages are blank daily planner pages. Each page represents one week and corresponds with which week of the month it is. If you are unsure, you can refer back to the alternative calendar layout and take a look at the boxed under the word month. They are before each week begins and note 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.. 


On the right side of the daily planner pages use your creative freedom. Write in the dates small, or large. Use the extra white space to schedule meetings, write small notes, or and extend your to do list. The left side of the open-dated planner is for you to bullet journal, jot notes, or leave it blank as a reminder to pause.


Open Dated Planner by Studio Ease


We love the left side of the open-dated planner because it allows us to customize it to fit our needs. We like to start at the top of the page with a weekly affirmation; the one thing that we would like to mentally focus on (usually it relates to personal development). Under that, we identify what our goals are for the week. Next, we will use the space below to jot notes to ourselves or make lists throughout the week. We always leave a small space at the bottom of the page so that on Friday afternoons we can reflect on the week and make note of our celebrations. This help us not only practice gratitude, but ensure that we am on track and can plan for the following week.




In the back of the planner we left a few blank pages for extra notes. We love using this space to write our our affirmations. We reference this page every morning before we start each day. A couple other great uses for the notes section is including gift lists, birthdays, or ideas.


Open Dated Planner by Studio Ease




The pocket in the back is a perfect place to store small inspiration, weekly receipts, or sticky notes. Use it for whatever your needs require, just don’t forget things are stored there!


Open Dated Planner by Studio Ease


Making the most our of your planner is key to actively using a planner and completing your weekly to do’s. Don’t overthink it. Our open-dated planner was created for you to determine what your needs are and customize it to work for you. 




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