How to Overcome Self Doubt and Find Value in Yourself

How To Overcome Self Doubt and Find Value in Yourself | self doubt, entrepreneur, depression, business, self value

I woke up one morning and thought to myself, if I don’t get up, head over to my desk, and start working who would know? If I stopped creating, posting projects, and pinning content would anyone notice? These questions haunt me. Do people care about what I'm doing? Or am I wasting my time and money on something that has no purpose?


I worked silently that day debating whether or not other people saw value in my work. 


How Self Doubt Holds You Back


I know that I am motivated in life to excel in my career. Working hard and working smart fulfills me. It's next to impossible for me not to work towards something with a greater purpose. I set goals and I expect myself to nail them each and every time. But often times self doubt stands in the way, and before I allow myself to excel I give myself reasons as to my work has no purpose. It hits hard and I feel a sting of uselessness. Several weeks had passed after waking up one morning questioning my work. In between multiple texts to my sister telling her how nervous/intimidated/scared I felt about x, y, and z, I realized I had asked myself all the wrong questions. 


The value of my work does not lie within other people, I am the one creating the value in my work. 


Changing Your Mindset to Define Self Value


My mindset began to change. I began looking at the work I had in front of me and felt inspired to complete it to the best of my ability, not because I wanted others to notice, but because I wanted to look back on my work and understand my skill set, challenge myself to grow, and most importantly, find a sense of accomplishment.


Shifting the way I ask myself questions encouraged me to overcome self doubt and find the value in my work. I remind myself everyday that it does matter that I get up and start working because if I don’t, what am I working towards for myself? If I don't believe in myself how can I expect others to? And I know you see the power that believing in yourself has on other people. When there is belief in yourself other people flock to you because they see your value. They are quick to hit that follow button, comment that you're killing it, and dream that they had your life.


We all want to grow and become successful in whatever journey lies in front of us, whether you’re in college, a working adult, or focussed on your family. Shifting the way you look at what you have is the first step in overcoming self doubt and finding the greater purpose for yourself.



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