How FitBit Changed My Work Life

How FitBit Changed My Work Life | FitBit, health and wellness, self care, fitness bracelet, step tracker, victoria secret sport, exercise, work out, freelance, entrepreneur

When I began working from home it seemed like it would be the best thing ever. I could set my own schedule and practice what I love for a living. A couple months in, I found myself facing defeat. Not in my business, but in my physical and mental health.


Working From Home Destroyed My Activity Level


Prior to working from home, I participated in activity whenever I could. I would go to the gym everyday after work and push for walking meetings in my office. In my new position, as a business owner building my brand from home, I knew going into it I was not getting to get out of the house as much as I should. I began my business in the spring and throughout summer I longed for days outside in the sun. My activity level dropped more drastically than I expected.


The Statistics My Fitbit Told Me (and They are Not Fun)


One day I randomly remembered that I had a Fitbit Flex packed in a box somewhere. I wanted to know how much I actually moved around during the day or if it was just all in my head. After my first day of wear I was horrified. The statistics were disheartening. 


I walked just under 1500 steps. I was stationary for 93% of my day.


To put it frank, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 10,000 steps a day (could change depending on your life situation/goals). Yeah.. yikes. With no need for any explanations, I immediately knew why I felt so cooped up, physically restlessness, and mentally irritated. 


How I Use my Fitbit to Change my Work Life and Increase My Physical and Mental Health


My Fitbit acts now as my constant reminder that I need to get up and move around throughout the day. I also added walking every morning while listening to a podcast to my daily routine to help start my day healthy and positive. It has provided me more energy than you can imagine to power through each day. I do a little happy dance every day I hit my step goal. It’s a simple celebration but it has changed my life drastically.


Changing one simple thing of moving around more, I have noticed my mind thinking more clearly, generating many new ideas, and challenge myself to constantly keep growing. With an active mind, I now believe that I can do anything I set my mind to and have the courage to not doubt myself or my work. And that’s huge when growing a business, or going through anything for that matter.


I now have my eyes set on upgrading to a new Fitbit Alta when the time is right to further my physical and mental health and ensure I always remain a productive and confident women. How do you ensure you remain active?


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