Goal Setting for 2018

Goals Setting for 2018 by Studio Ease #goals #goaldigger goal setting, goal planning, resolutions ideas, resolutions new years, goals, goals quotes, motivational goals



With the new year sneaking up on us, it’s so easy to overlook the opportunity of goal setting and truly take advantage of creating new year resolutions. The idea of setting new goals, resolutions, etc. seems great but we often times fail to really reflect on the past year and make the conscience effort to identify the things that did not work and put in place a goal strategy so that they do work.


Goals Setting for 2018 by Studio Ease #goals #goaldigger goal setting, goal planning, resolutions ideas, resolutions new years, goals, goals quotes, motivational goals


Goal Setting Begins by Evaluating Your Past Year


To begin from the most productive place, it’s so important to start with reflection so we can then decide what needs improvement. Make a list of the things that you think could use development in your life. This can be a range of things from financials, to relationships, to your career. From that list, pick 3-5 things that are really important to you. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a million things that need improvement. Remember, you want to make goals manageable so you can focus and achieve them.


Make Your Goals Tangible


The list you created is only things that need improved. It’s one thing to say you have new goals, but in order to achieve your goals you have to make them tangible and attainable by setting milestones you can reach. This means breaking down you goals into different steps that you can manage on a day to day basis. One particular method you might be familiar with is creating S.M.A.R.T goals. This breaks your goal down into something specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. 


Personally, I like the idea of S.M.A.R.T goals, but I adjust it slightly so that it fits me and how I process information. To give you an example, one goal we have here is to blog weekly. First, I break it down by deciding when I want to accomplish it by. In my example, I have one week to write a blog post. Next, I decide what needs to be done in order to actually make it happen. In order to blog weekly, I need to generate a list of blog ideas, write the content, find images, create our blog post graphic, upload each asset to our website, and schedule it out. Thinking through my goal and understanding what needs to be done to accomplish it, I naturally created a to do list. With that list, I will schedule each item on a certain day so that by the end of the week a new post is created.


Use a Planner to Help Guide You


Not all goals are going to be simple. It’s so helpful to use a planner so that you can physically write out your goals, make them attainable by deciding what needs to be done, and schedule out when each steps need accomplished. Review your goals for the year, then break them down into monthly to do’s and weekly to do’s. 


Our hand painted, open dated planner makes goal setting a breeze. Use the year page to write out 3-5 things you want to improve. Start with the first item on the list and decide the milestones that you need to complete. Write those milestones on the monthly calendar page. Use your monthly milestones to start creating your daily to do lists. Use the daily planner pages to note your tasks for each day in order to obtain the deadline you have that month.

Are you ready to get started? Grab our planner and get 20% using code GOAL20 at checkout. How will you set goals for 2018?



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