A Card a Day Challenge

A Card a Day Challenge by Lauren Nicole Co. #greetingcards #beautifulcards #gratitude snail mail, send more mail, simple design, minimal design

This holiday season we have something extra special planned for you. In the rush of preparing for the holidays, deciding what to cook, and of yes, cleaning the entire house for guests, it’s easy to overlook the real joy of the holidays - spending time and creating valuable memories with friends and family.

This year, we want you to feel you shared gratitude with each and every person that means something to you. Join us November 13 - November 17 for A Card a Day Challenge! We have 5 fun and meaningful prompts to help get you in the act of writing notes and sharing your thanks this holiday season. Those that participate using #acardadaychallenge on instagram will be entered in a giveaway to win our Any-Year Classic Planner.


So how does it work?


  1. Each morning during the week of November 13 - November 17 Lauren Nicole Co. will post a new prompt on Instagram.
  2. Grab your stationery and decide who the receiver of the prompt will be. 
  3. Write one note in response to the prompt (don’t worry, we promise it really takes less than 5 minutes).
  4. Post a picture of your stationery, you writing, or you mailing your card and share it with out community on instagram with #acardadaychallenge. Get creative! We want to see the space you practice gratitude in!
  5. At the end of the week, sit back and see if you are the winner of our Any-Year Classic Planner and think of the five people whose days you brightened.


Need stationery? 

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We curated a box of cards so you can have a simple card that specifically relates to each prompt. Find them here. Order before Friday, November 10 to have them on Monday, November 13.


Want the prompts early?

Do you really want to take advantage of this challenge and send cards to those people you haven’t been in touch with recently? Maybe your grandparents? Sign up here to receive all 5 prompts before November 13!


We hope that you interact and engage with our beautiful tribe of people! Share the challenge with your friends and family, and help us grow A Card a Day Challenge to be a yearly event!