5 Ways to Refocus Your Attention Midday

Five Ways to Refocus Your Attention Midday | refocus tips, attention, midday slump, self care, career tips, career tips for women



Whether you are sitting at a desk, studying in your dorm, or cozying up on the couch with your laptop, the midday slump is real. It’s 2:00 PM and you already lost to your phone. Your eyes are glazed over as you endlessly scroll Instagram and pin new food and drink recipes on Pinterest. You need to refocus your attention and find some productivity tips because all attention is lost. There is hope! Check out this list of ways to find some midday inspiration.


Five Ways to Refocus Your Attention Midday | refocus tips, attention, midday slump, self care, career tips, career tips for women


5 Productivity Tips 


1. Get up and walk.


Yes, this seems like it would make you even more un-productive, but instead, it allows your head some breathing room to focus on something else for a short period of time. As an alternative to sitting on your phone telling yourself receptively you need to focus, actually divert your attention. Take a 15 minute walk and enjoy the weather (warm or chilly). When you come back, your mind will be ready to dive into the next task, which may be finishing up what you walked away from.


2. Actually drink water.


We shared a post on the benefits of drinking water here. Hydration plays a huge part in why we often cannot focus or experience headaches throughout the day. Get up, step away, and drink an entire glass of water.


3. Stretch, stretch, stretch.


It may feel weird to get up and start stretching if you work in an office, but no one will ever know if you privately do this in the bathroom. Stretching can help get your blood flowing, move your body, and help restore focus. 


4. Grab a sugar pick me up.


Sometimes we just need to fuel our bodies. I caution on making this a habit unless you are choosing a healthy snack like fruit or veggies. 


5. Write your to do list for tomorrow.


This may feel like a nagging thing to do, especially when you are feeling unproductive, but you would be surprised how your mind needs the transition from computer keys to pen on paper. It allows your hand muscles to move differently and gears your attention towards a new mini task. Better yet, it also helps you begin to prioritize tasks for tomorrow and ensure you do everything you need to do for today.


It doesn't take much to help our bodies and minds refocus so we can come back to a task, find productivity and feel refreshed. Which of the above productivity tips will you try?



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