5 Impactful Tools to Stay Motivated

5 Impactful Tools to Stay Motivated by Studio Ease #motivation #motivational motivational tools, planner, plan, affirmation, celebrate wins, TED talks, social, social media



Finding motivation and keeping it is much easier said than done. Motivation can be difficult to maintain if you don’t consistently take action to feed it positivity. Everyone experiences a lack of motivation at some point in their life or career, and it’s completely normal. Today, we are sharing 5 impactful ways to not only find motivation, but keep it.


5 Impactful Tools to Stay Motivated by Studio Ease #motivation #motivational motivational tools, planner, plan, affirmation, celebrate wins, TED talks, social, social media


5 Impactful Tools to Stay Motivated


1. Words of Affirmation


In moments of doubt or unease, remember why you started. Jotting down a few of your favorite, uplifting quotes that speak to you and having them visible on a daily basis is a great way to have constant positivity in your life. Our notepads are the perfect size to tack onto your cork board or fridge.


2. Celebrate Wins


Make it a habit to celebrate your wins both big and small. This is such a simple way to stay motivated in your life or career. Success takes time and commitment. You have to buy the ingredients before you can bake the cake.


3. Plan It


We encourage you to utilize a planner to document and keep track of your goals. Your brain can only remember so much. A planner helps prevent overwhelm, allowing you to better manage your time. We have a stellar planner that is totally customizable no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s complete with a monthly and daily view, allowing you to task out your days down to the hour.


4. TED Talks


We all could use a pep talk every now and then; especially when we begin to lose confidence in ourselves and the desire to keep going. In those moments of instability, what is your go-to method to pull you back on track? TED talks are an awesome, instantly gratifying way to boost your motives. Here are 3 top-notch TED talks that are guaranteed to get your creative juices and motivation pumping.


Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating - Elizabeth Gilbert

The Puzzle of Motivation - Dan Pink

Listening to Shame - Brené Brown


5. Join the Conversation


Take time to join and engage in social groups that are aligned with your interests or career. Here at Ease, we inspire a timeless lifestyle. You can contribute and be a part of our community at Ease on Instagram, Pinterest, and our Blog. Visit our contribute page to find out how. Facebook is also an awesome social app to find local groups to participate in. When you join a social group, you connect with people who are relatable and may even be in the exact position as yourself. It’s another simple way to stay motivated and find reassurance when needed.


There are plenty of impactful tools we can use to boost our motivation. Use them to your advantage to help you keep a clear mind and stay on track. To help you establish motivational habits, download our free habit tracker and start forming a desire to work towards your goals.




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