5 Easy Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

5 Easy Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around | #productivity, productivity tips, midday slump, afternoon pick me up, organization, career skills



We’ve all been there. We feel the day start slipping away because everything is going wrong, or suddenly, someone adds one more task to our to do list and we’re feeling so overwhelmed. We all face challenges when practicing strong mental health, but we can find hope! Follow these  few easy tips to help turn a bad day around.


5 Easy Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around | #productivity, productivity tips, midday slump, afternoon pick me up, organization, career skills


5 Tips to Turn a Bad Day Around


1. Eat ice cream (or your favorite snack).


I have to say, I love this one! If I ever have a bad day, one can only assume that going to Dairy Queen after dinner is a must. It’s not a habit, but when the day is sour nothing will sweeten it up like a perfect soft serve chocolate cone (yes please, dipped in chocolate!). The rewarding part is that it offers something positive to look forward to when negativity strikes.


2. Listen to your favorite song.


There is one album specifically that always makes me feel energized no matter what mood I am in. Music resonates with all of us; the vibrations in each note can emotionally connect with us. Use this to your advantage, switch it to your favorite song, and have a little dance party for yourself. Come back to your day refreshed and ready to take one whatever is thrown at you.


3. Practice gratitude.


A little while back we shared a post about gratitude and the positive effects it has on you here. When you feel a moment of panic or lost throughout the day, stop. Take out pen and paper and physically write out the things you are grateful for. It will help your mind to stop thinking about the bad things and be reminded of all the good you have.


4. Call your best friend.


Sometimes we just need to vent, and there is nothing wrong with that! Hope on the phone and call that one person that, no matter what, will be on your side. Let them help you get through the frustrations. When you hang up, leave it behind you and start fresh.


5. Remove yourself from the environment.


Our environments can lead to certain moods that resonate for an entire day. Feeling frustrated in your apartment, take your work to a coffee shop. Does your desk job have you stressed out, take a quick walk and refresh your mind.


You don't need to feel stuck all day. Take a moment for yourself to escape. Gather your thoughts and feelings, and put them in order. When you are done, come back with a new mindset. What tip are you going to try to turn a bad day around?



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