We believe in celebrating a timeless lifestyle and making an impact along the way by creating ethical, effortless stationery.



Studio Ease is a contemporary art studio based in Nashville, TN founded by artist Lauren Sauder. Our online greeting card shop encourages a life well lived full of inspiring possibility through simple, artful design and modern paper goods. We launched the company as an e-commerce store in April 2017 with future plans to open a flagship store.


Our stationery is easy and created to effortlessly fit into your lifestyle, no matter the social occasion. We believe that something unique happens where the artist hand meets the clean and minimal. Each item in our collection is made right in our studio with much consideration to the environment. All of our beautiful greetings cards are printed on 100% cotton (tree free) paper, giving each one a luxurious hand feel. 


We hope you feel motivated to live out your wildest dreams and send some encouraging love notes along the way. Growing strong relationships will be one of the most important things you do in life. Do it with ease.