Creating effortless stationery that offers utility and function for the timeless lifestyle.


The Ease woman is cool, artistic, and a natural beauty. She lives for simplicity and finds value in her home + career, and quality in travel, cuisine, style, and art. She is warm and affectionate, and is never afraid to say hello first. She looks for small details - texture, minimal, practical, one-of-a-kind items - and ways where she can express her own personal sentiment in the most natural way.


Together, we offer utility and function in the most transparent way so that we can develop the best, artful products and work steadily to reduce the environmental harms of running a business. Each of our products are created, packaged, and shipped from our Nashville studio.







A note from Lauren.


Studio Ease Stationery
Studio Ease Owner and Creative Director

I founded Ease because I wanted to create a place whose sole purpose was always, 100%, steadfastly to inspire an inclusive creative community, celebrate good feelings, and share intelligent thought. My lifelong infatuation with I wonder how this is made has honed my creative skills and hard-wired me to appreciate the world around me. It is through the world that I understand the importance of making an impact to ensure we protect the very thing that supports our adventurous lives. The timeless collections created at Ease and the people that drive our community are devoted to make this world a more creative, thoughtful, and timeless place.

xx Lauren